Monday, September 21, 2009

Grove of Maples near Alanson

Grove of Maples near Alanson, originally uploaded by jhhymas.

This is a classic white-leaves shot. If these sugar maples are grown in the open like this, each tree develops a full, rounded shape, and a small grove also forms a beautiful shape. There are several groves like this near here, sometimes the understory is kept open by annual mowing, sometimes by grazing.
In a tornado about 15 years ago, many trees in Orval Coors's maple grove were uprooted by the force of the storm. Over many weeks, he sawed them up, even the stumps, for firewood. He was well over seventy at the time.
Another maple grove can be found at Greensky Hill Indian Mission Church. It was planted to replicate the council grove that grew in a circular form and was sacred to Native Americans who lived here.


Poetic Painter said...

I happened upon your blog and just wanted to comment that there are some great photos on here!

pmacf said...

June, these are absolutely wonderful...I didn't realize you were a photographer till I saw the photo of the Markham House. Your photographs are remarkable!

Quiltgirl said...

Several times I have wanted to comment on The Memory Thread but have been unable to do so. Do you have your comments disabled? On purpose? I am fascinated by the infrared photography (which for years I said "infrayrd" and although i knew it was the same thing as infra-red,I didn't make the connection until recently) and now i forgot what i was going to say on your other blog. Oh, the iPhone. I loooooved my (jailbroken) iPhone until one day a week or so ago i downloaded what i thought was just an itunes update and accidentally reformatted my phone with a new operating system. I can now use my phone to make emergency calls, as it is incompatible with my sim card. Meanwhile, i can't access any of the data i had on my shopping lists or to-do lists or calendar or contacts or listen to music. Can you imagine? so much for the all-in-one being a convenience.